What We Do

LD4SOS Council and members aim to:

  • CAMPAIGN on many issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees, giving sample letters, links to petitions, and lobbying information. Key issues include: Ending indefinite detention; The Right to Work, Family Reunion, Asylum housing issues.
  • ENCOURAGE EVIDENCE GIVING on such issues as asylum support rates; NHS regulations change and detention.
  • ORGANISE a stall at each Federal conference and at several regional conferences, with up-to-date information leaflets
  • HOST Fringe meetings at Federal conferences, with speakers both from the campaigning sector, and the Parliamentary Party.
  • HOLD an open AGM at the Autumn Federal Conference, usually with a speaker and opportunity for questions and debate.
  • MAKE PARTY POLICY. We contributed substantially to Policy Paper 131 A Fair Deal for Everyone: Prosperity and Dignity in Migration at the 2019 Autumn Federal Party Conference
  • COMMUNICATE with our members and supporters, sending out regular newsletters by e-mail to our members and supporters. We have a website with our policies, information documents, past newsletters and topical articles. We have a Facebook page and a twitter account to spread information.
  • LOBBY our constituency MPs on such as turning up for the Family Reunion Bill and being “MPs not border guards”. Had letters published in local and national newspapers.
  • WORK WITH our Liberal Democrat Parliamentarians in both Houses, giving them information to add to their knowledge of the asylum issues that we encounter, and publicised their actions. We also work with other organisations on their campaigns. We are represented on the Detention Forum and End Heathrow Immigration Detention (EHID)
  • INFORM. We have a range of information leaflets on a range of issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees and current Party policy on them. All are available on our website.
  • PROVIDE INFORMATION such as “10 Top Facts”. We publicise 3rd Sector information such as “Know Your Rights”; information for people who might be detained; preparing for an appeal, and filling in Preliminary Information Questionnaires