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Liberal Democrats for Seekers of Sanctuary

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Detention Action write "Operation Red Meat might as well be called Operation “Punch down at Refugees”

January 23, 2022 4:39 PM

Last week the Prime Minister recommitted offshore detention policies that would put refugees' lives at risk and dash their hopes of happiness. What's worse, he did it to save his own tanking approval ratings, calling the policies "Operation Red Meat".

We're writing to him and Priti Patel to tell them we won't stay silent while they use deadly policies to try and save their failing careers. We need your support to make sure our voices are as loud as possible.

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We've seen that this Government cares far more about making headlines than protecting people's lives, but even for them this is low.

They think they can extinguish hope with threats of indefinite detention in cruel and inhuman conditions. The truth is, people will keep putting their lives at risk to cross the Channel until there is a safe way for them come and claim their human right to asylum.

What's more, the human costs of offshore detention are terrifying. Australia's island camps were ruled to be "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment" in an environment "rife with sporadic acts of physical and sexual violence committed by staff at the facilities".

Like Priti Patel, Australian politicians claimed to care about refugees dying at sea. But offshore detention did nothing to save people from danger. As one Doctor who worked in the camp on Nauru said: "Why save a life at sea just so you can kill them slowly on land?"

Priti Patel and 'The Big Dog' think they can fool us. They think they can throw refugees under the bus to distract us from criticism of their hypocrisy and rule-breaking.